Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I’m interested in one of the events, how do I secure a place?
    Each event has a link to ‘register’ which will then ask you some basic information. Registering alone does not guarantee you a place, you need to make payment using the Paypal button. If you cannot use Paypal for any reason then you must contact us asap to see if another payment method can be accepted.
  2. The event I’m interested in makes no mention of transport, how is transport arranged?
    Generally we share transport costs and rely on members of the group who are car owners. When you register you are asked if you are a Facebook user. All our events appear on our Facebook page and drivers and passengers are expected to arrange transport between themselves. For those not on Facebook the organiser will post your requirements to the Facebook page on your behalf and report back when a match is found.
  3. I have a few questions about an event before I make a booking. How do I contact the organiser?
    Our website is based on a WordPress blog. Each event has its own detailed post page and the end of this page has a ‘Leave a Reply’ box. If you complete this box your question will automatically be forwarded to the event organiser. Alternatively you can use our website contact form.
  4. How do I join the group and do you charge a membership fee?
    We don’t have a formal joining process and do not charge a membership fee. Some new people like to meet members of the group at a social event or day walk before committing to a weekend away and we try and organise such events on a regular basis to enable this. The best way to keep informed about new events is to join the mailing list or ‘like’ our Facebook page.
  5. I took some photos on a recent event, how do I share these with other members of the group?
    If you are on Facebook the best way to communicate with other group members and share photos is via our Facebook page. For those that are Twitter fans we also have a Twitter page.
  6. If I need to cancel a trip I have booked will I get a refund?
    We have Booking conditions and the amount you will get refunded depends on how close to the start of the trip the cancellation is. Click here to see the booking conditions.